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About Pyramids

"PYRAMID" is a greek word consisted by two words 'PYRA' + 'MID' where the term PYRA means"FIRE" and MID means "Center Core." Hence it is said that an Object which contains "FIRE" (here the deeper meaning of Fire refers to the energy field) in its Center core or Nuclei. This shows that Egyptian people were fully aware of the deeper meaning of FIRE and were using it accordingly thousands of years ago.(1)

The Sacred Symbol for The Divine Order of Creation in which our souls incarnate is The Pyramid!
And that is exactly what the pyramids in Egypt stand for and symbolize - our long lost ancient lineage to the stars - found again! The pyramid is our family tree and it is set in stone to remind us that God has an architecture plan for soul creation and those basic building blocks are comprised of divine complements.(2)