2018 Amelia B. Edwards Award
Founder of Egypt Exploration Society www.ees.ac.uk

The inspiration for this award comes from the pioneering Egyptologist, Amelia Ann Blanford Edwards (1831-1892) who published the best-selling account of her works in “A Thousand Miles up the Nile” in 1877. Five years later, Edwards co-founded the Egypt Exploration Fund, now the Egypt Exploration Society. During her first exploration of the Upper Nile, her party discovered a previously unknown sanctuary that was named after her.


Aware of the increasing threat directed towards the ancient monuments by tourism and modern development, Edwards became a tireless public advocate for the research and preservation of the ancient monuments. Edwards contributed to the ninth edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica, to the American supplement of that work and to the Standard Dictionary.


She bequeathed her collection of Egyptian antiquities and her library to University College London, together with a sum of £2500 to found the Edwards Chair of Egyptology. Buried in St. Mary’s Church (Henbury, Bristol), her grave is aptly marked with an obelisk at the foot of which lies a stone ankh.

Born: June 7, 1831 in London

Died: April 15, 1892 

Resting Place: St. Mary's Church, Henbury

The Global Pyramid Conference was designed to promote research and the proliferation of pyramid education. As such, it is with great pride that we bestow our second Amelia B. Edwards Award for outstanding achievement in the field of pyramid research.

An abstract figure with the inscription "Only those who see the invisible can do the
impossible" sits on Dr. Ibrahim Karim’s desk.​

This is the philosophy that has led Dr. Karim on a lifelong mission to uncover the correlation between shapes and energy in the biosphere, for which he developed the science of “BioGeometry,” and its impact on global societies.

Dr. Karim is an architect and regional planner graduate of the prestigious Federal Institute of (ETH) Zurich, Switzerland with BA/MA and PhD/D.Sc. in Architecture and Tourist Planning.  He is the Founder of the qualitative science of BioGeometry: the new Architecture and industrial design school that uses the subtle energy effect of geometrical shapes to induce harmony to our modern technological or natural environments. He currently teaches at several universities and supervises numerous postgraduate studies on the applications of the science of BioGeometry.


Dr. Karim was recognized and honored by several institutes for his environmental work and was chosen as man of the year by the Swiss magazine “Anzeiger” in 2005 for his success in reducing the effect of ‘electro smog’ in several regions in Switzerland. He was chosen as one of the 100 most innovative designers of the 20th Century on Swedish TV.


Besides his Architecture, health and tourism planning, his other professional activities include his own architecture consulting and industrial design firm. Dr. Karim held several advisory positions in Egypt to the Ministers of: Health, Culture, Tourism and Scientific research.

Discoverer of the Bosnian Pyramid Complex, author, worldwide pyramid researcher, and teaching professor at Sarajevo University. 

2016 Amelia B. Edwards Award Recipient:

   Sam Osmanagich (Ph.D)

2018 Amelia B. Edwards Award Recipient:

   Dr. Ibrahim Karim

Architect, Founder of Biogeometry

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