For safety reasons, all scheduled meetings have been postponed to later in the year.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you. We appreciate your support.

Pyramid Energy Meetup Live and Livestream

What we're about

For those interested in pyramids, have experience with pyramids from around the world and their energy, and want to share their stories and learn from guest teachers with global pyramid experience. 

Next Meetup

new! March 12, 2020 

 Peruvian Whistle Meditation

with Susan Voigt

* Mary Sutherland has been postponed to later in the year


April 9, 2020  Chris and Alana ​of 

The Alignment Institute 


The Dynamics of Pyramid Energy

The energetic fields of the universe such as quantum physics and the mind's ability to affect energy. We will be bringing homemade orgonize pyramids and explain how these structures affect energy.


May 14, 2020  Deepa Bakshi

Pyramid Vastu


Methods of Energy Balance

The science of placement to enhance happiness, family, work, health through the use of Pyramids

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The Gathering Lighthouse

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